AirShade is a sleek solution that softens the lighting in your Airstream

  • Without AirShade

  • With AirShade

  • The glare without AirShade

  • The softer glow with AirShade

Minimal Design

Easy installation. Takes the glare out of the Airstream Experience

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Designed in an Airstream

By Airstreamers, while on the road travelling the US.

Our Story

Easy On the Eyes

Transform the glare from your puck lights into a soft glow you can relax by

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Simple & Low Profile

Beautiful. Projecting no more than the Airstream speakers

No Tools Required to install

Comes with 4 super strong neodymium magnets that are placed behind the puck light trim to hold the AirShade

Installs in under a minute

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  • Initial install takes under a minute

    AirShade attaches to your puck lights using 4 small magnets that are installed behind the puck light.

  • Without AirShade

    You see harsh, well defined shadows, such as the ones cast by the coffee cup here

  • With AirShade

    Light is softer resulting in diffused shadows.

Without Airshade

In the image below: notice the harsh shadow of the cup on the table and the bright glare in the ceiling

The AirShade difference

In the image below: notice the softer shadows on the table and much easier-on-the-eyes light in the ceiling.

Harsh Light Affects Your Mood

Just because you are camping doesn't mean you should deal with harsh light over dinner

Yes, Soft Light

Do you find it hard to relax under all the glare?

AirShade is here to soften the glare in your Airstream

Have different lights in your RV but interested in AirShade?

Good news! We can customize the mount on AirShade to fit the lights in your rig. Drop us a line, tell us the dimensions of your lights and we will work with you to soften the glare in your rig.

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