Our Story

Our Story

How it all started

AirShade is a family affair. It began when we hit the road, living out of our 22FB Caravel full time with our baby. We quickly realized that although we loved our Airstream, the lighting inside was too harsh for our liking. And we met other Airstreamers on the road who also wanted different lighting in their rig.

So, we decided to do something about it. Mina began to sketch out ideas for how to create something that would easily modify the existing lighting to be diffused and reduce the glare. What started as a plastic bag hanging over the existing lights (it was a diaper bag, actually) somewhere between Oregon and Idaho, was refined and became the injection mold plastic and custom metal ring that we call AirShade.


A bit about us

Founders of AirShade walking near Garden of the gods, CO

Mina and Taylor are the couple behind AirShade. They have an energetic two year old who calls pine cones “thank yous” and had his first encounter with rain in the Pacific Northwest while camping with his family. They bought a 22FB Caravel in the summer of 2023, and have traveled 8,000 miles so far from coast to coast. Travel is a shared passion, especially with Mina being from Egypt. Their hearts are in Southern California, where they met, married, and began their adventure.



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